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Photofinish Cameras

GC Racing’s FinishLynx photofinish cameras captures each and every athlete as they cross the finish line.  FinishLynx cameras can record up to 10,000 frames per second enabling operators to determine who beat who no matter how close the athletes are.  Perfect for any sporting event where there is a finish line.


IPICO RFID Chip Timing

GC Racing’s IPICO RFID Chip timing equipment uses both Passive RFID and Active RFID technologies.  Athletes wear a transponder timing chip on their persons.  Either on their shoe, around their ankle, attached to their bib number, or affixed to their bicycle.  Upon crossing the finish line and the RFID antennas the IPICO RFID Chip Timing system instantly records their finish time.


Race Timing & Fully Automatic Timing (FAT)

GC Racing’s FinishLynx cameras and IPICO RFID Chip Timing can establish a race time for every competitor.  In addition, GC Racing’s timing equipment can determine the time between athletes, timing of groups, when a particular athlete crosses the finish line in team races, etc..  Since GC Racing’s FinishLynx cameras have very high frame rates, up to 10,000 frames per second, GC Racing is able to accurately determine who beat whom in a race down to the ten-thousandths of a second (0.0001 seconds).



For cycling events, GC Racing’s FinishLynx photofinish camera system satisfies the photo-finish & timing equipment requirements for USA Cycling and the UCI.


For track & field, GC Racing’s FinishLynx photofinish camera system complies with IAAF [Rule 165:15] & USATF [Rule 72:10(A)].


GC Racing’s FinishLynx photofinish camera system complies with NFHS & WIAA rules for FAT timing.




In addition to GC Racing’s FinishLynx camera system, GC Racing can provide customers with timing clocks and scoreboards.


Start Clock

For events that have starting intervals for the athletes GC Racing has a Start Clock.  This Start Clock is synchronized into GPS satellites showing time of day, a countdown clock for each athlete, and an audible countdown tone.  This Start Clock enables athletes and race officials to simplify the starting procedure for the race.   In addition, the Start Clock aids the race officials ensuring all athletes are started in the same manner and at the correct start time. Click for Picture of GC Racing’s Start Clock.


Race Clock – LED Displayboard

In 2012 GC Racing introduced an LED displayboard.  This displayboard can be used for an array of purposes including a race clock, a scoreboard, to show event sponsors, to show the events schedule, etc.  This displayboard is portable and can run off internal batteries enabling the displayboard to be placed where power is non existent, like on the infield of a track facmilty.  Click for a Picture of GC Racing’s Race Clock.


Online Scoreboard

Through the collaboration with Yen Timing GC Racing has an online scoreboard feature enabling onlookers to use their smartphones / tablet PC’s to view race results LIVE.  Announcers can also use the feature to view the events start list, lap splits of the athletes, and to announce the results of the race.   Visit ONLINE SCOREBOARD to view GC Racing’s Online Scoreboard.


LIVE Cross Country Team Scores & Results

Through the Online Scoreboard GC Racing has LIVE Cross Country Team Scoring and Results.  As the runners cross the finish line and are scored with GC Racing’s FinishLynx cameras and IPICO Chip timers, their results are uploaded automatically to GC Racing’s LIVE Cross Country Online Scoreboard.  Onlookers can use their smartphones / tablets PC’s to view both the Race Results and the Team Scores as the races are finishing.  Visit LIVE CROSS COUNTRY.




Through the use of GC Racing’s results software, race results can be collected and posted minutes after a race finishes.  Timing data can also be included within these results.  Podium places can be collected and posted within seconds of those riders finishing.  At the completion of each event GC Racing posts race results on GC Racing’s website in the EVENTS section.


HyTek Meet Manager Integration

For schools and clubs that use the HyTek Meet Manager system for their results, GC Racing’s FinishLynx camera system integrates easily with the HyTek system creating a fully electronic timing, scoring, and meet management system.




Race Promoters have multiple options on utilizing GC Racing for handling their event registration:


Day of Event Registration Services

GC Racing can assist race promoters for day-of-event registration. For example, with cycling races GC Racing utilizes both the USA Cycling and WSBA membership database to collect the event participants. With these capabilities, GC Racing can ensure all registration data is kept electronic & accurate eliminating the blunders of hand written registration lists.


Online Registration

Race Promoters can utilize online registration companies providing the online data to GC Racing to import into their results programs. By using online registration & electronic day-of registration, the need for hand written start lists is eliminated keeping all registration and results data electronic and accurate. Promoters select which online registration they prefer to use.